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February 24, 2011
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My Render Settings by Alucards-Spirit My Render Settings by Alucards-Spirit
A lot of people have asked how I get my renders to be so sharp. Well these are the settings I use and they work pretty well. If your images are a lil blurry or the shadows don't seem to line up right, you might want to give these a try.

*UPDATE* Changed a few things. Renders come out much crisper with these settings. Give em a try.
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Thx for sharing this...may I ask which version of Poser you are using?  I am still chugging along with Poser 7...would you say render times have gotten faster with later versions - I am assuming this is a more recent version ;)  Thanks!  BTW, keep up the good work!
Alucards-Spirit Jul 21, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
I'm using Poser Pro 2012 but am using saved files from Poser 7. Yeah render times seem to be faster depending on how many elements are in the image. Then again back in the day when I first started with Poser 7 I was not on a computer as powerful as the one I use for art.
cool, thx...yeah, the hardware is definitely a factor...I am looking (reluctantly, albeit) at an upgrade to a 64bit PC because pretty soon, one way or another, I'm gonna half to! :P  Are you happy with Pro '12 so far?  Thanks =D
See how these settings work, thanks for the tip!
I'll give it a try.......

i'm really having hard time with shadow....i wonder if you have some good hint!
Alucards-Spirit Jul 19, 2013  Professional Digital Artist

I've changed my settings since this time. Try this...


But yeah shadows can be a problem. I usually make my own in photoshop, but if you are using a full environment background set with ground the issue of shadows becomes a "lighting" problem. Lights make or break an image in my opinion. I've shopped around looking for good ones. Renderosity has some great ones for cheap. But it all really depends what you are going for with your picture.

Here are a couple tutorials I've used to make my own lights:


Hope this helps.

Very interesting, thanks!
Alucards-Spirit Feb 24, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
NP. These are just the ones I've found to work best. The render time is moderate, but always yields the best results for me.
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